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Umi no hi!

Today was Marine Day. That's right, a specific holiday for Japanese people to go to the beach and be silly. And silly it was!! Jess and I ventured to the beach as well because the sun finally came out (it's been about a week) and adventure was in the air! It wasn't too big of an adventure though, just a few failed sandcastle attempts and some awwing at cute children being pummeled by massive waves. It still boggles my mind how so many things that would NEVER fly in the US are so commonplace here. For example:
- an aging lifeguard watching a packed beach with minimal parental supervision of wee ones (like really wee ones, maybe 4 years old) in 4-5' surf.
- stopping a vehicle anywhere, including the side of the road with oncoming traffic, at times perpendicular to the flow of traffic
- being SO drunk in front of your boss
- a swimming pool jam packed with children, whose parents are sitting in the onsen on the other side of the building, carousing and generally posing a hazard to themselves, with one lifeguard...
- ... who then stops to chat with his buddy who is swimming laps
- ... who then proceeds to splash the lifeguard

Those are just a few examples from the past few days, but those are only the instances that are fresh in my memory.

The past week has been crazy as I've been trying to get my stuff together in order to leave. Also, my school has realized they have a week left with me and have packed my schedule so full that it's kind of insane. I guess it's nice to be appreciated..? That's what I tell myself. I have 3 more days of classes, and one day of 3 speeches (in Japanese!). I'm nervous about that, but oh well. I'm pretty used to being a spectacle. I have stuff going on EVERY SINGLE DAY until the day I leave. Some days I have 3-4 things going on, so we'll see how that works out. I have a lot of official-type business to take care of, but once that's over I'll nearly be ready to go. WOOHOO!

How do I feel about leaving now?! AWESOME! I'm mostly really excited for the future, so it's hard to feel anything but that about leaving. I feel like I accomplished a lot, since I feel really comfortable here now. That's pretty impressive considering how awful I felt when I first got here. So... I managed, in fact, I did pretty well here, and I'm proud of that. I'm happy I came here, and happy with what I gained. Was it easy? No. Was it 100% peachy? Hell no! There was a lot that sucked, namely winter. Would I do it again? Heck yes, especially since I know how to deal now.

When I said good-bye at SGHS on Friday I definitely cried a little bit, but that's because my kids were getting all choked up and set me off. I think it will be harder at Chutou because I see those kids every day and I'm closer to them. I hope they don't do anything ridiculous the last day or I WILL lose it. Jeeze, I never knew I was such a softie.

By the way, I won't have internet after the 25th, so don't get pissy or worried if I disappear until August 2 when I land in Sydney. I'm probably okay, unless the bureaucracy finally made my head explode.



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