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Ridiculous o shimashouka?


So today rocked my socks. I woke up early, then drove to Yamagata with my kaiwa friend and her husband. It was AWESOME! I got to watch some shamisen playing, eat a delicious lunch, and then the fun REALLY began!

My kaiwa partner knows a cherry farmer in Yamagata. We dropped by so that I could check it out. It was so sweet! First off, Yamagata is GORGEOUS. I wouldn't want to be there in winter because that's where the snow REALLY falls, but it sure is pretty! The mountains are so steep and rugged, but somehow they're all covered in trees. Recent landslides leave big muddy gashes on the sides of the mountains, but I'm sure in a year or two it will be virtually impossible to detect anything ever happened. I love how verdant this country is!! I guess it's from all the rain... oh, trade-offs...

Anyway, at this farm I encountered several of the most bizarre, awesome things I've ever seen. But before I get into that, let me mention that I had the best apple juice I think I will ever taste. I don't even like apple juice that much, but this stuff was delicious! Ah. Too bad I'll never have it again...

So back to the ridiculous things. First, I saw a very venomous snake! I think it might have been a 'you've got 2 hours to live if it bites you' snake. It had a mean looking face!! Mr. Cherry Farmer said that it was Japan's cobra. Oh dear. What was more impressive was that this pissed off snake was somehow captured in an empty sake bottle. What? I didn't have the sense to ask how that happened. My guess is very carefully.

So, the next ridiculous thing I saw was a cat that likes to ride in cars. What? I didn't know that was possible.

Next, I saw frog eggs hung up in a tree overhanging some water. I'd heard about that in my Australian Vert Fauna class, but never seen it first hand! They looked like giant praying mantis egg cases, only frothier and whiter. I also saw a frog chillaxin' next to the broods. It was SO COOL!

NEXT I got to pick some cherries, which was pretty awesome, but not so ridiculous.

Lastly, I saw a giant goldfish of the lumpy-head variety. Mr. Cherry Farmer reached into the grubbiest tank I've ever seen and hauled up this giant, gasping, bubbly-headed monster. I took a picture. How could I resist??

Then, I was gifted 2 kg of really expensive cherries, and we were on our merry way home. Oodilahlee, oodilahlee, golly what a day!



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